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Pram curtain - Tiger

Pram curtain - Tiger

€ 38,95
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Kurtis Pram curtain - the perfect accessory to help your baby fall asleep anywhere.

Kurtis Pram curtain helps your baby go to sleep in the pram wherever you are– on the town, on the bus or train, when you go shopping, on your walks – simply in all situations imaginable.

The product is very easy to use, fits all kinds of prams & strollers and on carseats.  Kurtis Baby Peace is a pram curtain that easily attaches to the hood of your pram or pushchair, shielding your baby from bright light, disturbing visual elements and the sun.

Kurtis pram curtain also makes a great sun protector. The pram curtain is designed to hang loose, which allows you to provide good air circulation for your baby.

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fits all prams strollers and carseats
99% UV protection
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