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BB-slen - Papaya

Babylonia baby carriers
BB-slen - Papaya

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Carry your baby in an infinite amount of positions!

The BB-SLEN is a comfortable woven baby wrap which enables you to carry your baby in all positions. It offers perfect support from birth until your child is 3 to 4 years old. The BB-SLEN is made of 100% organic cotton and is produced in a Fair trade workshop in India. Thanks to the BB-SLEN’s unique wrap fabric the fabric feels very soft and flexible without losing its strength. The special weaving technique offers optimal support and comfort (light diagonal stretch, it does not stretch in width or in length).

The BB-SLEN is available in four sizes: 260 cm, 460 cm, 490 cm and 560 cm. Pick your size according to your clothing size and the various carrying positions you want to use. The 260 cm is a short baby wrap, meant for similar use as a ringsling. The 460 cm, 490 cm and 560 cm enable you to carry your baby in all positions. Depending on your clothing size you choose 460 cm, 490 cm or 560 cm. Smaller people can choose 460 cm, taller people 490 cm. From size 46 we would suggest choosing 560 cm. But 560 cm can also be used by smaller people; you can wrap the extra fabric around your hip for additional support or create a special finish.

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