From twenty weeks of pregnancy your baby will recognize your voice, your heartbeat and other sounds. Your baby will also recognize the gentle sounds of the Bola. When wearing the jewelery on a long necklace low on your pregnant bump, the Bola produces a soft, soothing sound as you move. This gentle chiming sound will be familiar to your baby, both before and after birth. 


Handmade designs

All our Bola's are handmade in Mexico. The small bell provides a subtle sound. The Bola jewelry line consists of different designs. From subtle to a real show stopper.

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Combine this beautiful ornament with a silver-plated or gilded Bola chain. And all eyes - even your baby's - are focused on you!

Discover the chains

You are pregnant and want everybody to know. With a Bola, you clearly show that you are expecting a little miracle. All Bola's are nickel-free lead free, so not harmful to you or your baby.