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Babylonia baby carriers stand for the highest quality, nicely finished, very cosy and soft. And they are made from sustainable materials.

Babylonia has 8 different carriers: Tricot-Slen Organic, Tricot-Slen Cool, Tri-Cotti, BB-Slen, BB-Sling, BB-Tai, BB-Sooze and the SSC Flexia. All are available in different colors and sizes, there is thus a carrier for everyone.


Benefits of babywearing

Babywearing has many advantages. Wearing your baby has a positive effect on his or her physical and emotional development.

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Carrier specifications

All our carriers are suitable from birth, but each has its own specifications. A comparison of all our carriers and their properties can be found in our purchase guide.

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Everything you need to know

To guide you with your first steps into the babywearing world, we combined all the manuals, instructional videos, user guides and FAQ in 1 spot.