From day one Babylonia invests in fair and high-quality products. This can also be seen in our own production: every woven baby wrap is made in fair working conditions according to fair trade principles.

What does fair trade means?

In order to name products 'fair trade', Babylonia complies with these principles:

  • Honest wages - Our workers get the right compensation for the work they deliver. This way they can provide in their living and that of their families. 
  • Good working conditions - In addition to fair pay, our workers also count on a safe working environment, healthy working conditions and reasonable working hours.
  • Cooperation - Babylonia and the fair trade studios in India communicate transparently. Both the design, the material selection, as the production planning of our products are discussed openly.
  • Transfer of knowledge - Babylonia shares the expertise with local workers with pleasure. 
  • Respect for the environment and the local economy - Babylonia always prefers natural materials.  In addition, we choose as many organic materials as possible and preferably locally produced - and we support the local economy.
  • Financing - Local producers do not incur any financial risk. Babylonia finances in advance both the purchase of the material and the production of the products. In addition, the producer relies on a fixed price that does not fluctuate with the market or with raw material prices.
  • Work continuity - Babylonia engages in a lasting relationship with the fair trade studios 
Made in the Netherlands

All knitted baby wraps are produced in the Netherlands. In close collaboration with our producer we are constantly optimising the fabric's features. We developed a special knitting technique which is applied to both the Tricot-Slen Cool and Tricot-Slen Organic. Thanks to this, the Tricot-Slen offers optimal comfort and perfect support. You can safely and comfortably carry your baby immediately after birth until he is one year old, or even older!

Organic cotton & Newlife™

Babylonia feels very strongly about producing eco-friendly and sustainable products. All our baby wraps, except for the Tricot-Slen Cool, are made of 100% organic cotton.

The Tricot-Slen is also eco-friendly as this baby wrap is made out of recycled plastic bottles, Newlife™. In comparison to the production of a completely new fiber 94% less water and 60% less energy is used to produce Newlife™. Furthermore, 32% less CO2 is being emitted during the production process. Thanks to these values, Newlife™ has received the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certificate. Last but not least: Newlife™ is Oeko-tex 100 certified.

The woven baby wraps are produced in the Netherlands. The Tricot-Slen Organic and Tri-cotti are made of 100% organic cotton and are GOTS certified.