What is an ergonomic baby carrier? 


The M-Position

m_shape_zoom.jpgThe foundation of a healthy posture begins with the pelvis. If the pelvis is properly supported, your baby's spine and neck will be curved in a natural way. To get this correct attitude, your baby's knees- slightly stretched and pleated - should be higher than his bottom, in the so-called M-posture. Your babies back is curved and your baby is comfortable with his head against your body.

When you carry your baby in the M-position,  your baby does not experience any back pain and a good development of muscles and the hips are positively promoted. The hips of a baby develop gradually in the first year. This is best when the child is in the M-posture because in this position the distance between the ends of the bones in the joints is optimal.

The lower legs and feet of the child must be completely free. When the legs hang straight down, as is the case with many traditional wearing "harnesses", the back becomes hollow and the child is not in an ergonomic position.


If you wear your baby in the ergonomic M-posture - and thus make his neck and back a natural curvature - his muscles will also become stronger. The swinging movements in the carriers helps the lateral muscles to contract and thereby increase the stability of the head and the torso.
A wrap always fits! It does not matter if your child is 2 months or 2 years old: you can spread the fabric at any age from  knee to the knee. This keeps your baby in the ideal position, completely relaxed against you. And our Flexia baby carrier is designed so that at every stage your child is automatically in the right position.



But also good for you!

A baby carrier is not only the most ergonomic for your baby, even for you as a parent babywearing is ideal! Carrying a child on your arm is a heavy load. In a carrier your baby's weight is optimally distributed over your upper body and hips, so you can carry your baby effortlessly for hours. Neck and back are not or hardly charged. Research has shown that babywearing is up to 16% less stressful for your body.