What sleeping bag should I use for my baby during winter time?

Monday, 16 October, 2017 - 21:36

What sleeping bag should I use for my baby during winter time?

Having (small) children and a good night rest, it may seem as a contradiction. You can not control your baby's sleep, but you can make it as comfortable as possible. For example, making sure your baby is not too cold or too warm. Thanks to a good sleeping bag, your baby is warm and you can have peace of mind, because you are sure that his face is always clear to allow him to breathe. What are the criteria for choosing a sleeping bag that will keep your baby warm in the winter?

With or without sleeves?

There are sleeping bags for summer and winter. These last ones are often thicker and usually have sleeves. The Koeka Madrid sleeping bag is a perfect example: the sleeves are removable. Thanks to the zippers you can use it in winter and during the inter-season. The Toulouse sleeping bag is a lighter model with removable sleeves.

It all depends of course on the temperature in the baby room. If it is 22 degrees in your home in winter, a less warm sleeping bag will be sufficient.


TOG Index

Some brands, such as ergoPouch, use so-called TOG indices. They accurately indicate how warm a sleeping bag is. The higher the TOG index, the warmer the sleeping bag. You can view the ergoPouch  TOG table here. In the table, you can also see the clothes you need to use in combination with a sleeping bag according to the room temperature.


Is an additional blanket needed?

If you are using a warm sleeping bag (with a high TOG) an extra blanket is not required. If you use a lighter sleeping bag (or for the mid-season) in cold weather, it is best to combine it with a blanket. Koeka offers a range of covers ranging from the thinnest to the thickest in different sizes.


Which size to choose?

It is important to choose the right size sleeping bag. With a model too large, your baby may sink into the bag and have trouble breathing. The sizes of sleeping bags are generally expressed differently from clothing sizes. For clothing, the size takes into account the total length of the baby. For sleeping bags, the length is measured between the shoulders and the bottom of the bag. The head is therefore not counted. For a baby or toddler who measures 82 cm and makes a size 86 in clothes, you can therefore choose a sleeping bag in size 80.