Babywearing has a positive effect on your baby's physical, intellectual and emotional development and also makes your life as a parent easier!

Cosy & easy

A baby carrier is very practical.  With your child safe and relaxed in the carrier, you are mobile and go about your day-to-day activities. You have your hands free to play with a brother or sister, or to continue with the household. In addition, a wrap takes up so little space that you can always take it with you. He is extremely convenient when you walk through a busy shopping street, take the tram, bus or metro or during a daily walk. 

A balanced development

bddts_03_lr.jpgWhen you wear your baby in a Babylonia baby carrier, he experiences the world from a safe position. There are many stimuli he has to process in a short period of time, but as he is being carried closely, this does not frighten him. This feeling of security leads to the development of a positive self-image and builds the foundations of a confident and self-assured personality later in life. In a baby wrap, your baby is not forced to spend the day passively. In contrast, he can participate in your day-to-day activities in a natural way. This way your baby hears and sees many things, which stimulates his psychosocial development. From this safe place, he gets the chance to communicate at eye level with the people and the world around him. If your baby has had enough, he can simply close his eyes and fall asleep against his parent's chest.

Physical development

His physical development is also stimulated in various ways. Movements and contact influence a positive development of fine and gross motor skills. Your child is safely nestled in his baby wrap while he has the chance to feel, caress, grab and squeeze. Carrying your baby in the ergonomic M-position also stimulates the development of his muscles and joints. In many baby carriers your baby is not sitting in this ergonomic position; only with a baby wrap you can give your child the right support. Read more about the differences between a structured carrier and a baby wrap and discover the benefits of Babylonia‚Äôs baby wraps.

Less cramps and reflux

Research has shown that babies being worn less often cry (up to 43%!) And less often suffer from cramps and reflux than babies who are not often worn.

Wearing your baby in the upright position with raised knees facilitates digestion. Walking around with your baby on your soft and warm belly provides a rhythmic cadence, with the knees pushing very gently on a number of accumulation points at the bottom of the stomach. The wearer's body warmth gives the same analgesic effect as a hot cherry cushion on the stomach. It improves blood flow and helps to relax the muscles, reducing reflux and cramps.

Because children in a carrier feel safe and secure, "stress-related" reflux greatly reduces if you regularly carry your baby.

Newborn babies can not communicate yet by talking, but do so by crying. With a wrap you can communicate with your baby by physical contact. By wearing your baby in a carrying cloth close to your body, you will learn to know and interpret your child's signals. Because your baby is so close, you can also respond quickly and well to your baby's needs. Kids who are worn a lot cry less because they know their need will be satisfied.