Captivated by babywearing

Ingrid Guikers encountered babywearing 18 years ago when her son was born. Like many people she bought a baby carrier for practical reasons. However, she immediately realized there were numerous benefits to baby carrying and became completely captivated by it.

Ingrid has been studying baby wearing for years and wanted to share her passion with other parents. Giving lectures and developing ergonomic baby wraps lead to the start of a company, where today 20 people are employed.


Baby wraps and more

Natural comfort for you and your baby

Babylonia offers a collection of products that focus on taking care of children naturally.  Babylonia’s own brands are Babylonia Baby Carriers, Peppa and Bola. All products are designed in Belgium and produced in a fair and sustainable way in the Netherlands, in fair trade workshops in India and in small workshops in Mexico.

Next to their own production of baby wraps, cuddly toys, hammocks and bolas, Babylonia also distributes other brands such as Bobux from New-Zealand, Koeka from the Netherlands, Organics for Kids from the United Kingdom, Carriwel from Denmark, Ergopouch from Australia and Weleda from Switzerland.


How Babylonia grew...
 from baby wraps to a large collection of baby and pregnancy products

18 years ago Ingrid had a dream to which she completely devoted herself. She wanted to make all the benefits of baby carrying public knowledge. She wanted to see as many fathers and mothers as possible enjoying a baby wrap with their child.

While carrying her son in the baby wrap she “conquered” one store after the other in Belgium. To offer the baby shops an interesting supply of baby products, she developed a second brand, Peppa. All Peppa dolls, hammocks and decorations, as well as the woven baby wraps, are made in fair trade shops in India. Together with her husband and a talented doll maker, Ingrid travelled to India to train people to become doll makers. Babylonia still works with the two workshops in India with whom the initial production started. About 60 women and 20 men work daily on Babylonia’s baby wraps, security blankets, dress up dolls, cuddly toys and hammocks. In return for a guaranteed fair wage and social security they get a good job in a pleasant working environment. Read more about fair trade.

Along with having its own production, Babylonia also distributes other brands such as Bobux from New-Zealand, Koeka from the Netherlands, Organics for Kids from the United Kingdom, Carriwel from Denmark, and Ergopouch from Australia.


About our brands

All Babylonia brands clearly have something in common: taking care of children in a natural way. Enjoying time with your baby is the best there is!  Little is needed to do this and Babylonia offers you exactly the right products to help you get through your pregnancy comfortably; to breastfeed and to do what is best for your children. Our collections are hip and trendy, made of natural and organic materials and produced in fair and sustainable conditions.


With love from…

The Babylonia team consists of enthusiastic representatives and agents in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom. They are the face of the company.

In order to steer all the orders and deliveries in the right direction, the commercial department works closely together with the employees in the warehouse. Sales, marketing, purchase and production development are all housed in an office nearby, in Antwerp, Belgium. Babylonia consists of a team that works closely together to keep developing and distributing fun collections.